Arts and Culture Consultation

 Rural Communities

We know that working with rural and isolated communities and engaging community via the arts has no simple solution to follow. We are dealing with individuals in diverse towns, with a unique set of challenges and stories. I have experience working with disconnected community members and creating a meaningful art event. One that tick internal processes and touches and inspires local people.

I offer experience in

  • Community Consultation

  • Policy in Arts and History

  • Art and Cultural Strategy’s

  • Creative programing

  • Event management

  • Youth and Children’s engagement via the arts


Artist/Creative mentoring

Many people that enjoy making art or are interested in design have fantastic talent, but really don’t understand the steps they need to take to run a successful studio. Perhaps you have always created, but life/family commitments have meant that your passion has taken a back step.   Maybe you feel you are at the stage in your life, that you would like to really take your art to the next level.  I see it every day, and for years have been answering questions from artists.

 Many artist and designers spend years at University or Tafe, (myself included) and leave still not understanding the practical side of a business, or how to successfully turn your hobby into a full time business.

I have been opening my studio for one on one for many years to artists that would like to gain more understanding of the art industry.  My experience in the fashion and art business/non for profit and government over the last 20 years is at your disposal.. So come prepared with lots of questions, and a note book to write down the information I give you that will be tailored to your needs.

Professional development workshops

Tailored for your needs

As a practicing fine artist ( with over 20 year experience in International and Australian fairs and exhibitions, I have practical and realistic advice for emerging artists. For many years I have mentored and offered workshops for artists and designers to help manage their art practice. I have exhibited overseas, ran studios and managed an art gallery.

I can tailor a package for a workshop or individual mentorship, some highlights I offer are,

  Definitions of an artist, what qualification will you need.       Self-worth as an artist, understanding why and what makes your work unique. how to set up a creative business, the basics. How to document your work, how to approach galleries, and have success in art grants. Advice for price structure, online and social media for artists. Press release and media tips. Networking and supporting other artists and galleries, trademark and contracts for artists. Successful relationship with other business and government funding bodies.


Creative Community Events

I have facilitated many community events and programs including, 

Art trails/Exhibition



Art Festivals